I’m Running because…

Our community can do better on housing affordability, traffic and homelessness. But we need a bias towards action and a process that brings us together. Our current county supervisor has been in office 12 years and wants 4 more years. I believe it’s time for a change. Let’s do better together.



  • 12 years of high-tech experience

  • 9 years of community engagement experience

  • Executive Director SCC Greenway, avid cyclist

  • Sanctuary Steward, Save Our Shores

  • Former Downtown Commissioner, City of Santa Cruz

  • Former Board Member, Digital Nest

  • Stanford University, 2007

  • 3rd generation Santa Cruz County resident




Housing: Values driven growth

Our housing is among the least affordable in the nation and it is hollowing out our community. We must build new housing for our workforce, our children and our seniors. But we don’t have to sacrifice our values to do it. Let’s make it easier to build sustainable, culturally appropriate, and walkable communities by doing the following:

  1. Reduce permit fees and implement deadlines for the planning department to review sustainable and workforce housing.

  2. Provide height bonuses for senior housing and sustainable construction.

  3. Implement aesthetic standards to encourage buildings that are green and represent community character.

  4. Decouple parking from housing by eliminating fixed requirements for the # of parking spaces per bedroom. Create transit funding districts that developers pay into as an alternative.

  5. Provide tax incentives for employers to build housing.


Traffic: fix the highway, provide Affordable and efficient alternatives

We all suffer in traffic everyday. It costs us time with our loved ones, lost productivity, and money for child care and car maintenance. The solution is simple:

1) Build the trail, bank the rail - invest in protected bike lanes county wide.

2) Overhaul the METRO with frequent service and color coded lines (Yellow Line - Slug, Blue Line - Surfer, Red Line - Strawberry and Green Line - Redwood). Use developer funded transit districts to fund service every 10 minutes or less.

3) Build a managed third lane (FastTrak lane) on Highway 1 to provide the backbone for rapid transit, a real incentive for carpoolers, and an option for people in an emergency.


accountability Based Services

Homelessness and the addiction crises effect us all with needles in our parks and on our beaches, property theft, and less foot-traffic for businesses. We need to provide incentives for homeless persons to contribute to the community and remove bad actors. Strategies include:

  1. Expand the successful Downtown Streets Team county-wide. Everyone needs a job to feel purpose.

  2. Acquire land and invest in a new navigation center with on-site housing ASAP. Create a place that provides community so homeless persons can feel connected.

  3. Implement a 311 number for citizens to connect homeless persons with county services fast.


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